Turkey Opposes Wasting Energy, Knits World’s Largest Sweater

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A municipality in Istanbul, Turkey, Wednesday unveiled what they and the Guinness World Book of Records are calling the “world’s largest sweater.”  The garment was made in an attempt to draw attention to what Turkey sees to be a major problem: the wasting of energy in many modern communities.  One business leader pointed to Canada as inspiration as we (apparently?) celebrate “National Sweater Day” on February 9th of each year, turning down our heaters in favour of a more traditional approach to staying warm: simply wearing more clothes.

Measuring 46 x 16 metres, the sweater took 90 people roughly 30 days to complete (which isn’t a waste of energy at all) and is made of over 500kg of threading, according to mayor Atilla Aydiner.  It was later hung in front of the municipal building as a warning to all other sweaters out there that may have considered fleeing the country.


Now, if they’d only make one in X X X X X X X X X X X L!

Officials were asked about future plans for the sweater, including whether or not they would be knitting the world’s largest ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ in time for the holiday season, but did not reply before the time of publication.

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3 thoughts on “Turkey Opposes Wasting Energy, Knits World’s Largest Sweater

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why so snarky about knitting as a waste of energy? Sweater day makes a valid point about energy usage.

    • Sweater day makes a valid point, absolutely, but explain to me the use of a massive sweater AFTER its taken down from hanging in front of a municipal building? In any case, my snark only extends as far as the silliness of the project – not the message. Admittedly, though, I find some irony in expending so much energy, literally, on a physical artifact that will become of no real use… That is unless it is being broken down into actual human-sized sweaters for, say, homeless people? Somebody get me the Turkish Prime Minister!!

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